COVID-19 System Update

Due to the current situation, we have decided to implement a policy of working from home to all of our office staff.

Our office has confirmed with eQHealth today that prior authorization requirements for remote services have been waived for analysts, so training and supervision can be done remotely without the need of analysts going to clients’ homes until further notice.
We will also be checking AHCA/Medicaid, CDC, and the Florida Health Department for daily updates regarding this matter.

Risen has been well prepared for this temporary transition and we expect no impact to our clients and employee experiences.

Here are a few steps we are taking to ensure business continuity:

How to contact us: Our office phone number, email, and central reach message will be working normally. Attached you can find our contact information detail per department.

Daily Standups: All our office staff will be participating in daily team stand-ups at the beginning and end of each day to ensure communication on all aspects of the business.

Situation Monitoring: Risen Consultants is actively monitoring the situation via CDC, Florida Health Department, and the AHCA homepages and will continue to keep you updated on any business continuity-related decisions.

Thank you all for your attention to this matter, Stay healthy and safe,


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