Bill of Rights

Client Responsibilities:

  • To be actively involved in the development and implementation of Behavior Analysis/Assistant services by being at home at scheduled time, working with the Analyst for the entire session unless directed otherwise, completing assignments as required, making changes in the environment as written.
  • To provide accurate information on all forms and requests for information.
  • To refrain from violent or threatening behavior or language.
  • To refrain from the use of mood altering substances during services.
  • To accept and comply with referrals to another service provider, including Physician consultation
  • To notify of any change including an illness or other emergency.
  • To meet your financial obligations to the BA services as outlined in the Payment Contract for Services.

Client Bill of Rights:

  • Dignity and Equal Treatment: Each client has a right to impartial access to treatment, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual preference, marital status, veteran status, ethnicity, age or disability. The personal dignity of each client is recognized and respected in all care or treatment provided. The client’s civil rights are protected by federal and state of laws.To discuss your treatment with your doctor or attorney.
  • Privacy: Each client has the right to expect that all treatment records or information will be kept confidential in compliance with Risen Consultants policy except as authorized and as required by law. In case of any disclosure of information not authorized, client will receive an accounting of disclosures of your protected health information. The client will maintain access to all his/her health care records upon request.
  • Religious freedom and practice: Client has the right to choose his/her own religion. Client can choose not to participate in any religion. No one can make client attend church or be a part of any church activity unless it is something the client wishes to partake in.
  • Right to Participate: Each client and/or caregiver is encouraged and has the right to participate in the development of the plan of treatment, evaluate the plan of treatment, request changes and to voice grievances without fear of negative impact on the service provided. An amendment can be requested; however, this request could be denied. If denied, your request will be kept in the records.
  • Right to receive appropriate information: Each client has the right to be informed about the cost of services, what behaviors or violations could lead to termination of services at our agency, receive an investigation about  any complaints.
  • Right to Individualized Treatment: Each client has the right to receive individualized treatment which includes:
    a.Superior Behavior Analyst services regardless of the source of financial support.
    b.Services provided in the least restrictive environment possible.
    c.An individualized treatment plan which is reviewed as needed and have his/her expectations of services assessed regularly.
    d.From someone with training or experiences from a specific cultural,spiritual, or gender orientation.
  • Right to Timely Communication: Each caregiver has the right to timely responses by his/her preferred mode of communication.
  • Right to Highly Trained Staff: Each client has the right to work with highly trained staff members dedicated to his/her child’s program and development who will work within the scope of his/her expertise and under any supervision as laid out by the Guidelines of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. (BACB).
  • Right to Caregiver Training: Each caregiver has the right to receive training on his/her child’s Behavior Analysis program and Behavior services in terms and language they understand.
  • Right to Request Staffing Changes: Each caregiver or client has the right to make requests regarding staffing changes or appointments and have them addressed in a timely manner.
  • Right to Continuity of Care: Each client has the right to maintain continuity of care. In the event that a change in service provider needs to be made (e.g. relocation, change in funding source, or other) we will support in the transfer of documentation and services. In case of client or caregiver denial of services, agency will inform of any potential consequences.
  • Free from harm, unnecessary restraint, abuse, neglect: Each client has the right to be treated fairly, having someone explain what was done inappropriately and the consequences of his/her actions. Client has the right to report any occurrence to the Abuse Hotline. 1-800-962-2873, if anyone does not treat them humanely.

If you believe that your rights have been violated, contact our director, Humberto Mena, BCBA, LMHC.

You also have the option to contact AHCA at (888) 419-3456 or the BHCOE at: or the BACB at